Our People

Valuing our People

At FG Gold, our people are our most important asset and are critical to the success of our business. We aim to provide a dynamic and inclusive workplace by attracting, training and retaining a skilled and passionate workforce who are committed to working together towards our shared purpose.

Our Locals First Approach to Recruitment

Supporting Local Economic Growth Through Employment

Creating employment opportunities for people living in our neighbouring communities is a key focus. Where possible, we look to source talent from the villages and towns surrounding our operations first, providing people with the training they need to become a valued part of our team.

We aim to create a workplace where all workers are given the opportunity to develop and grow their careers in a fulfilling and rewarding environment.

Building Local Skills and Capacity

We recognise that a highly skilled and well-trained workforce is the key to our success.

That’s why we continually invest in our employees to expand their knowledge and skills to enhance workplace performance. We offer training and apprenticeship programs across a range of areas, helping to improve technical skills and provide opportunities for career growth. It also helps to build the capacity of the local community, leading to sustainable development driven by local people.

By investing in our people, we are helping to ensure we meet our operational and business goals now and into the future.

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our company culture. We know a diverse workforce is critical to building a more resilient and sustainable business, providing a range of perspectives and approaches to problem solving and ways of operating.

We are particularly focused on promoting gender diversity at all levels of the company and we are actively seeking to increase female representation in our workforce. We aim to achieve this by identifying and breaking down barriers to the advancement of women in our workplaces – including training, childcare, and creating a safe and respectful work environment.

We believe that increasing female participation in the growing mining and resources industry will not only benefit our business, but also create a positive legacy for future generations.