Community Projects

Leaving a Lasting Legacy for Sierra Leone

As a responsible mine operator, we are committed to leaving a legacy that is transformational for our host communities and broader Sierra Leone. Our social investments will ensure the people derive maximum benefit from the extraction of their mineral resources.

Community Development Agreement

Working With Our Communities to Realise A More Prosperous Future

Our Community Development Agreement (CDA) aims to build local capacity and enhance the general welfare and quality of life of the local community. The CDA sets out our commitment to sustainable development by establishing our obligations to the community and provides an avenue for the community to participate in the planning, implementation and management of activities under the agreement. It also includes a dispute resolution process and a framework for reviewing the agreement.

As part of the CDA, we have established a Community Development Trust Fund (CDF) which allows for 1% of net revenues from the project to be set aside for activities and programs which deliver tangible benefits to our host communities.

The areas of focus for our community investment program include:

  • Training and education, including scholarships, apprenticeships, training and employment opportunities
  • Infrastructure, including contributions (financial and otherwise) towards health, roads, water, power and other community services
  • Enterprise assistance, with support for the creation and development of small and micro-sized enterprises
  • Environmental and socio-economic management, including local governance enhancement
  • Agricultural product marketing

Educating Our Future: St. Josephine Bakhita Primary School

Improving access to education for children living in remote communities is vital to the social and economic development of this region. FG Gold is a strong promoter of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 as it aligns with our vision and mission as a company ensuring that there is “inclusive, equitable, quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

FG Gold supported the construction of the new St. Josephine Bakhita Primary School in Kundoma, which was inaugurated by the President of Sierra Leone, His Excellency Brigadier (Rtd.) Dr. Julius Maada Bio in April 2022.

The new primary school provides a learning space for thousands of children living in Valunia and surrounding Chiefdoms, many of whom have never been to school. The school features eight classrooms as well as a canteen, store and covered walkway.

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Valunia Education Foundation

The Valunia Education Foundation Charity, established in February 2021 and managed by a board of Governors, sponsors the FG Gold Tertiary Education Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to 10 students each year – with 5 students selected by the Paramount Chief of the Valunia Chiefdom and 5 students selected based on merit. The scholarship is valued at approx. US$1,000 per annum for students studying science, technology, engineering, mathematical and health related courses.

The scholarship program recognizes the need for youth and adults in Valunia Chiefdom to attain specific skillsets to have a more meaningful contribution to the development of the chiefdom and its immediate communities.

Building Strong and Healthy Communities: Baomahun Health Centre

Completed in May 2022, the Baomahun Health Centre underwent an upgrade and extension including the addition of an isolation unit providing improved access to quality healthcare for the local community.

Future community projects include:

Baomahun Community Hall

A key part of the community and a crucial public meeting space, we are committed to renovating the facility with construction due to start in mid 2022.

Clean Water Projects

The water projects will aim to provide clean water to the villages and reduce the prevalence of water-borne illnesses in the community. FG Gold will create a reservoir with a borehole and solar powered system.

Agricultural Projects

Agricultural projects will provide a livelihood and facilitate the supply of food and vegetables for the community. These projects will be specifically targeted at women and those who may not be directly employed or benefiting from the project.

Mongeri Renovations

Mongeri is a central town in the Valunia Chiefdom. Given the cultural and strategic importance of Mongeri to the community, FG Gold will be contributing a series of improvements to the area.